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Attendance Information

Attendance Error Question?

If you find your student attendance is in error, please go to Home Access Center and hover over the date in question. In a few seconds it will show you the period (Ex: 01, 02 etc.) in which the teacher marked your student absent. Please email or call the teacher directly to inquire about the absence.  When the attendance office receives an email correction from the teacher, the attendance will be corrected.

Please do not contact the Attendance Office as she cannot change any attendance. Corrections must come from the teacher of record.

Attendance Contact
Click to email: Canyon Vista Attendance (canyonvista_attendance@roundrockisd.org)

Students enter the building at 8:10 a.m.
Classes begin at 8:20 a.m.
Dismissal is at 3:35 p.m.

TEA Attendance Time

2nd Period 9:17  a.m. – Roll Call

Our reporting class for Texas Education Agency is 2nd period. Students who plan to leave early must remain in class until 9:35 a.m. to be considered present according to state requirements.

Upon return to school, your student should bring a note of explanation signed and dated by the parent/guardian, including telephone number and relationship to the student, with the student’s full name, grade and date(s) of absence(s).  At that time, we will make any and all necessary changes to your students attendance history.

An excuse from a doctor’s office is required for absences of five or more consecutive days.

Absence notes and doctor’s excuses must be delivered to the attendance WITHIN 2 DAYS for student records. Notes or emails to teachers are not usually forwarded to the office.

Medical Appointments

Partial day absences due to medical appointments are excused by TEA when the student is in attendance for the remainder of the school day. A school excuse from the doctor’s office is required as well as sign-in/out at our front desk. The excuse may be turned into the office by the student, or it may be sent by the doctor’s office to Canyon Vista attendance at fax # 464-8210.

Arriving Late to School

Sign-in at the front office is required as part of the attendance record for all students who arrive late to school. The student should bring a parent’s note explaining the reason for arriving late, or a school excuse from a doctor’s office. Parents are required to accompany students at sign-in.

Leaving School Early

A parent or guardian must be present to sign out students who leave campus during school hours. A parent signature and the reason for leaving are required. Please allow sufficient time for sign-out procedures. Keep in mind that both parking lots will be very congested with buses and carpools by 3:20 p.m.

To expedite the sign-out process, parents may write a note requesting early release from the classroom teacher. This note will be used as the student’s hall pass to lockers and to meet parents at the office for sign-out. The note should be turned into the front office upon departure. A note for early release is not required, but may be useful. Please bear in mind that this places the responsibility on the student to be ready. As always, please allow time for check-out.

During school hours, students may be released to parents or legal guardians only, unless written authorization is provided. Written permission should include the full name of the person authorized, the student’s full name, the date and reason for leaving, and the parent’s telephone numbers. Older siblings sent to pick up a student must also have written permission from their parents, even if they are already listed as an emergency contact. A photo ID will be required in both cases.

Excessive Absences

School attendance is mandated by state law.  The only excused absences are personal illness, death in the immediate family (parent, sibling, grandparent, or a member of the immediate household), or school related absence. All other absences, including partial day, will be considered unexcused.

When an extended absence is anticipated, please send a note to the attendance office with details including the dates and the reason for the absence, the student’s full name, grade, and the parent’s name and telephone number.

Automated Absence Calls

Round Rock ISD central office manages an automated call system to contact parents for all absences, including partial day absences. This helps to resolve truancy problems. No follow-up is required if you have already notified the office of the absence, or if you have signed in/out at the front office.